Welcome to the Immuno Concepts Online Training Program

This educational program is intended to provide an overview of ANA testing methods, ANA pattern identification, and the clinical significance of ANA results. The material presented will be of practical use to laboratory technologists, pathologists, clinicians, and rheumatologists.  The academic level of the material will be intermediate, however, those who are new to the field or unfamiliar with pattern interpretation will benefit from this course.

This training program consists of:

Access to the material is limited to current Immuno Concepts customers and others approved by their local distributor.

Eligibility will be determined from the information supplied in the registration form. Once approved you will receive an email notifying you that access has been granted. This process may take a day or two.

If you have any questions, please email Immuno Concepts Technical Support staff at: technicalsupport@immunoconcepts.com