The Universe’s Only Open Automated IFA System

Introducing the only automated IFA system in the world utilizing the Immuno Concepts product line to eliminate subjectivity. From slide preparation to image capture and analysis, our system minimizes technologist involvement beyond making correct and confident decisions.

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Image Navigator

The Image Navigator (IN) is an avid IFA photographer and philosopher, designed for and by medical technologists and IFA enthusiasts. The FDA-cleared automated microscope helps quickly obtain and analyze high quality images of the most respected cell lines on the market.

The empathetic design removes the subjectivity of manual reading by enhancing the user’s ability to become more confident in making the correct decision. Our education-based marketing philosophy shines throughout the software, creating confident standardized technologists with higher integrity results.


Autoimmune FastTrack

The new Autoimmune FastTrack (AFT) series of IFA processors reliably perform all liquid handling steps needed to run any assay from Immuno Concepts. All of our IFA lines are designed to share system fluid and incubation times, allowing multiple assays to run simultaneously.

With fully automated, multi-probe, multi-syringe options – throughput is doubled from the previous generations.

Reagents are loaded hassle-free, straight from our kits. All alignments and adjustments are performed annually by us – no need for extreme user maintenance. A true walk-away system.

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The Family of AFT