Immuno Concepts’ Story


Immuno Concepts was founded in 1979 with a commitment to develop state-of-the-art diagnostic assays for systemic rheumatic diseases.

Immuno Concepts not only pioneered the conversion from rodent tissue to HEp-2 cells for detection of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs), but also overcame one of the main pitfalls of ANA detection with the introduction of HEp-2000®, a patented ANA substrate genetically improved with increased sensitivity for detection of autoantibodies to SS-A/Ro. Over thirty worldwide publications meanwhile confirmed the clinically superior performance of HEp-2000®.

From the very beginning Immuno Concepts was committed to education. Each year we offer free of charge workshops worldwide educating clinicians and laboratorians on the ANA and related testing. Additionally, an extensive set of self-help training is available in the form of our On-Line Training Program, pattern atlases, and pocket guides.

Forty years later we still honor our commitment to quality. We are proud that we have a quality system that is certified to ISO 13485:2016.

Laboratories face more challenges today than ever before. Immuno Concepts is right at your side when it comes to state-of-the art automation with the AFT pipetting stations and the unique Image Navigator® automated IF microscope. We would like to thank all of our customers for their confidence that has allowed us to serve them over so many years, and we will continue to work hard to deserve your trust.