Colorzyme® Test System

Our Colorzyme® assays utilize the same reliable cell production with a patented color reagent that eliminates the variability seen with fluorescent methods such as type of light source, filters, and extraneous room lighting. The results can be read on a standard light microscope helping to bring costs down significantly for new users.

HEp-2000 uses a patented HEp-2 cell line that has been genetically engineered to increase the sensitivity to SS-A/Ro autoantibodies without affecting the other ANA patterns seen. What’s the big deal with SS-A/Ro? We would love to show you.

The original HEp-2 blend that started it all is still available. We continue to grow the original and produce slides for customers all.

Crithidia lucilliae continue to be the most widely used assay for anti-DNA autoantibody testing worldwide.