Immuno Concepts, Ltd. Privacy Policy

Immuno Concepts, Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our services.

The information Immuno Concepts, Ltd. collects from users including first and last name, institution name, customer status, email, phone number, city, state, postal code and country is for the use of Immuno Concepts, Ltd. only. Information is used to identify and provide the appropriate customer support, when necessary, for services requested. Immuno Concepts, Ltd. will not use submitted information for marketing communications outside of the services requested upon submission.

Immuno Concepts, Ltd. is a U.S based company. Submission of the aforementioned information to Immuno Concepts, Ltd. is submitting data outside of the European Union. The data is not transferred, and decision making for data purpose is not automated. If the decision becomes automated, the user will be informed and able to contest data transfers.

In the case of a data breach, the user will be informed.

The user has the right to access copies of data upon request and can request to have data erased from system through:

Phone: USA 1 800 251 5115 Europe 00 1 800 251 5115
Written communication to:

By clicking on “I consent” in the cookie consent form, the user is providing affirmative consent for Immuno Concepts, Ltd. to collect and store submitted data as described in this privacy policy.