ANA HEp-2000® Fluorescent Test System

HEp-2000 uses a patented HEp-2 cell line that has been genetically engineered to increase the sensitivity to SS-A/Ro autoantibodies without affecting the other ANA patterns seen. What’s the big deal with SS-A/Ro? We would love to show you.

2040cs-Ro 10 slides × 7 wells
2200cs-14-Ro 20 slides × 14 wells
2000cs-14-Ro 100 slides × 14 wells
2000cs-18-Ro 100 slides × 18 wells
2000cs-21-Ro 100 slides × 21 wells

For custom kits, please contact Global Focus so they may fit your lab with the perfect kit configuration.

Available in 7-well, 14-well, 18-well, and 21-well configurations.