Education and Training

Immuno Concepts has always had a commitment to education and training.  We take great pride in offering the laboratory several different options to train staff and maintain proficiency.

Patient Sample Training Series (PSITS)

This program is a valuable on-going training tool for the laboratory. At the beginning of each year, four sets of patient samples and histories are sent to each participating laboratory. Based upon the ANA test results, each laboratory determines which follow-up tests to perform on the sample. Returned results are compiled and each participating laboratory is sent a summary report, a comparison to other methods and labs, a clinical discussion of the results and color photos.


On-line training program

This training program is accessed via the IC webpage.  It consists of approximately 50 panels of information, images of ANA patterns, and practice questions.

A graded quiz of 12 questions is offered at the conclusion of the program.  The user can access the quiz at any time and can retake the quiz as often as they would like.  The program keeps track of your score and if the quiz is retaken you will be able to see how you compare to previous scores.

Access to the material is limited to current Immuno Concepts customers and others approved by their local distributor.



The IC seminars are offered a various location around the world.  A listing of dates and locations can be accessed via the IC web page.