Patient Sample Interpretive Training

The PSITS Program is a valuable on-going training tool for the laboratory.
At the beginning of each year, four sets of patient serum samples are sent
to each participating laboratory. Two additional  photo samples are posted
on the PSITS website. Based upon the ANA test results, each laboratory
determines if follow-up testing is necessary. Returned results are compiled
and subscribers can then view or download the following from the website:

  • A summary report including the consensus results.
  • A comparison to other methods and laboratories
  • A brief summary of the patient’s clinical diagnosis.
  • A color image of the ANA pattern.

Ordering Information:
1800 PSITS

(Note: Enrollment at any time in the program will include the entire year’s quarterly samples.)


For current PSITS customers, you can enter your results by going to the “Support” Tab, and selecting “PSITS” from the drop down menu.