ANA Pattern Controls

Optional Controls

Immuno Concepts has always realized that correct pattern recognition is critical for accurate reporting of ANA results. This is why many of our standard ANA kits include four positive ANA controls (homogeneous, speckled, centromere and nucleolar). To augment these more common patterns, we offer a variety of optional controls to assist with pattern recognition. These optional controls come pre-diluted in ready-to-use dropper vials.

Ordering Information:
2021      ANA Homogeneous Control 5.0ml
2022      ANA Speckled Control 2 x 1.0ml
2023      ANA Nucleolar Control 2 x 1.0ml
2025      ANA Centromere Control 2 x 1.0ml
2026      ANA Titratable Control (not packaged in dropper vial) 1.0ml
2027      ANA Mitochondrial Control 0.5ml
2029      ANA Golgi Control 0.5ml
2031      ANA Negative Control 5.0ml
2032      ANA Control Set (Homogeneous, Speckled, Nucleolar, Centromere, Negative)
2035      ANA SS-A Control 0.5ml
2037      ANA PCNA Control 0.5ml
2041      ANA Scl-70 Control 0.5ml