Image Navigator® Automated Microscope

The indirect immunofluorescent (IIF) test has long been the gold standard for determination of autoantibodies.  The innovative Image Navigator® is a solution that eliminates the usual tedious labor of the IIF test, while still allowing the laboratory professional to control the interpretation and reporting of these tests.  The Image Navigator® is an automated microscope that captures images of autoantibody IIF slides; separates the images into controls, possible positives, possible negatives, and titers; and presents these images to the laboratory professional on separate review screens for easy and quick confirmation and reporting.  The Image Navigator® system has been shown to significantly improve accuracy and reproducibility in reading of IIF assays.  The system includes a high quality fluorescent microscope, so samples can be observed by the conventional method as well as in the automated format.



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Image Navigator Demonstration Video



Image Navigator Literature

Image Navigator® Poster 2012 Autoimmunity Congress Granada

Image Navigator® Poster CORA Budapest 2013