Immuno Concepts currently has two systems to assist the laboratory in reducing the amount of labor required to turn out test results. The Autoimmune Fast Track, better known as the AFT2000®, is a reliable pipetting robot that can automate the entire line of Immuno Concepts’ slide and Elisa based assays.  Its precision, accuracy and tracking capabilities come together to minimize errors, optimize traceability and provide consistent results while freeing the technologist up to perform other tasks.

The AFT3000™ is our new enhanced processing system that boasts several new features along with all of the existing capabilities of its predecessor, the AFT2000®.  The AFT3000™ can run up to 9 slides at once and includes an on-board barcode reader that automatically reads your sample barcodes.  The on-board barcode reader makes setting up runs a breeze – simply specify how many patients you have, load your samples, and then walk away!  The instrument will do the rest while ensuring traceability throughout the run.

The Image Navigator® is a major innovation for the clinical laboratory. Now that the international community has recommended that all screening and tittering for ANA testing takes placed with ANA slide assays, the laboratory is looking for labor savings solutions for this assay. The Image Navigator® automates the scanning of patient samples on Immuno Concepts’ fluorescent HEp-2000® assay by capturing up to four images per field, and sorts them into positive and negative folders for review by the technologist. This allows the technologist to quickly scan images for ANA negative patient samples, which is the majority of what most laboratories have to interpret.

Image Navigator® Automated Microscope

AFT-2000® Automated Sample Processor

AFT-3000™ Automated Sample Processor